How to buy a katana

Nagamaki has a singled edged blade that normally feature a bohi for reduce weight. The Nagamaki handle resemble that of a Samurai Katana handle but it’s longer which allow more distance and extended reach from the enemy when fighting with this samurai sword. Recently received my first Katana from these guys, fantastic service, excellent quality and craftsmanship. The after sales support was second to none particularly from Tony and Alex. Would definitely recommend to anyone who wants a quality product for a sensible price.

How to buy a katana

Through this opening is the sageo cord which is a certain type of scabbard wrap. There is also a certain type of scabbard called a shirasaya which is a traditional way of protecting the blade and might be a big factor in the price. This incident left my sword separated at the handle and me feeling pretty upset and actually quite embarrassed to be honest.

Where to buy a Katana

The eye for detail was evident with a red and black silk bag. A tanto with a rich real rosewood handle and saya, which are also ornately decorated. Very fast turnaround time for an individually forged piece. The customization options are unprecedented, and lovingly executed. Excellent resource for long time practitioners and collectors alike.

Differential hardening of steel means covering the spine of the blade with clay before heating the whole thing in a flaming oven. The edge is thoroughly baked, while the spine stays much cooler. Then you shove the blade in cold water, allowing the exposed side to cool down rapidly, while the spine takes longer to reach thermal equilibrium. You can easily identify folded steel by the minuscule swirly lines that seem to be etched on the surface of the blade. If you look closely, you will see little stripes and lines.

Ninjato for sale

For purely decorative purposes literally any sword will do. You can find very cheap stainless steel decorative replicas, usually under $50 which is quite an affordable price for anyone. They can be made of stainless steel or even wood, since they won’t be used for any kind of cutting and don’t need to be sharp or durable. According to historians, the Katana was invented in order to obtain better swords to fight the Mongol forces. If you want to buy a real Katana with all the details of the nomenclature, then you’re in the right place.

Our site offers a wide variety of Katanas in many different styles, steels, forging techniques and nomenclatures. You can get a Katana for less than $200 completely hand-forged. The Katana can be bought independently, but there are certain higher price tags mainly because it can come together with the smaller Wakizashi or Tanto swords. These swords made up the samurai’s whole arsenal, the Daisho. They were very popular in history and modern media, such as movies and anime.

The Return of the High End Swords

Here, we’ll talk about a few of the most important factors so you can figure out how much the Katana you want to buy is really worth. The quality of the sword and the store’s reputation where you purchase it are of the utmost importance. We have seen a $60 Katana that was just as effective as a $200 one, cutting and slashing through 800 water bottles with ease.

  • It took a while to get my order, but that was expected with all the specifications.
  • I am Very Happy with my purchase of a custom katana from Katanas for Sale.
  • The Hamon is the temper line that separates the sharpest part of the Katana from the softer part.
  • The Tanto is used for Tantojutsu which is a traditional martial arts.

I was very apprehensive at first whether such a thing even existed, let alone at a fair price. Allow me to quell any doubts you may have in purchasing from “KATANASFORSALE.COM”, you will get far more than you what bargained for. They will give you the holy matrimony between a work of art and a lethal weapon. Specify in the notes section your exact thoughts, because they do not discourage being picky. Tony understands how personal a sword is, and he will work with you to get you what you want. Believe me when I say that their craftsmanship is cutting edge.

Japanese Samurai Swords

We invite you to browse through our website and find unique Handmade Japanese swords reminding of an era long gone. I received my sword ,full satisfaction, thank you very much. I am a collector of blades and it will have a prominent place in my collection. The amount of detail that goes into each of these custom made Katana is astounding, especially with possibility to further customize each sword to have unique personality based on the one who will own it. Remember that the process of selecting your blade is the very first step that you need to take in building your customized Katana and will affect the rest of your blade choices. Each color will give your sword unique look and will change the overall appearance.

The “Weight” spec refers to the item itself and does not include any packaging or accessories. For example, it would be the weight of How to buy a katana a sword not including a scabbard. On blades, the “Width” is measured in millimeters and is taken where the blade leaves the hilt.


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